this is me invites you
to accept yourself as you are
with all your shortcomings
the Japanese call it wabi-sabi
the beauty of imperfection
this is me is an exercise
to get to know yourself better
by writing a personal portrait
like these examples
not at all, anyone can do it from 6 till 96
this is me
Norah Cornelissen

I hate removing splinters from my fingers and people who smoke. I hate stepping out from under a hot shower in the winter and getting cold right away, my dental-braces, removing tangles from my hair, commercial breaks, maths and physics. I also hate bragging, peanut butter, doing the dishes, brushing my teeth, horse magazines and when it's snowing but there's not enough to play with it. I love Santa and Xmas, being funny, sunbathing on a beach without getting burned and laughing, laughing and more laughing. I yearn to be with my old class mates one more time. I am afraid that I will blunder for the rest of my life
this is me
Sikko Gerkema

I hate psalms and Dutch hip-hop lyrics. I hate being ignored, doubt, fake smiles, tight parking spots and alcohol-free beer. I hate being disturbed, slow thinkers and brawlers. I hate it that I am rigid, my need for order and that I'm impatient. I love listening to The Smiths on a road trip, grass swaying in the light of the afternoon sun, words that look nice and the noise of bars. I yearn for commitment, impulsiveness and the forever lasting beauty of art. I am afraid that I will remain unnoticed, on the edge of life.
this is me
Martin Cornelissen

I hate noisy eaters and yawning without covering your mouth. I hate people without an own opinion, laziness, ass kissing and fakeness. I also hate vanity, flash cars, kitchen islands, chatting barbers, swagger and money. I love curiosity, dreaming, the naked truth, the smell of baby fat, people who say good morning and children giggling to themselves. I yearn for inner peace, simplicity and purpose. I am afraid that I was right all the time, but now it's too late.
this is me
Cato Gerkema

I hate people who forget their wallet when I'm a cashier at the supermarket, morning tea and that everything I like to eat gives me pimples. I hate people who pretend to be dumber than they are, friends who always need attention, that I always look grumpy and that I don't understand politics. I hate getting out of bed, being at school on time and that I never realized before how beautiful my neigh-bourhood is. I hate it when I clean my room and it's a mess again a day later. I love eating grilled sandwiches in the evening, swimming under water, disco music and the voice of David Attenborough. I love glitter dresses and my sense of humour. I yearn for rest in my body and doing things I really love. I'm afraid that it's not worth growing up."
writing a personal portrait
is a nice way to get to know yourself
and each other
share it with your partner
your friend
or the whole world
it’s also fun to write it together
with your kid
or group of friends
or with students in your class
to give you a kick-start
we’ve made a template
with the main structure
all you have to do
is fill in the empty spaces
remember, it’s not an exam
just relax and start
enjoy the ride
if you’re not happy with it
just give it another go
take your time

feel like sharing your portrait?
go to Instagram @ditbenikpuntnl
have a look and get inspired by others

this is me

I hate and . I hate , , and . I also hate , , and . I love , and . I love , , , and . I yearn to , and . I am afraid that I .

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“We share everything. All the time. Everywhere. But how often does it reflect who we really are? Or what we really feel?

We see young kids, including our own daughters, struggling with the impact of social media on their self-image. Everything must be a success. Everybody has to be pretty.

Does the world around you determine who you are? Or can you be the real you? Embrace yourself with all your imperfections. That will make you truly happy.”